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Gone are the days when recruiters had limited resources for sourcing potential candidates. In this age of free-flowing information era where. Knowledge & Information is available free of cost. Let’s Expedite and use the resources wisely, best part is these are readily available and, easy to use, unlike job boards everybody is familiar with the interface, lets make perfect use of these resources. Recruitment is now no longer 9 -5 job: Easy access to social media on mobile devices makes this job easier.

We will have little hiccups in the beginning but with proper amount of effort and consistency, ultimately things will start falling into place.

Rightly said when you are not working start networking and directly engage with your audience.Sounds very basic but you can use your designing skills!!!

Key points 

  • Not only this will help you in passively recruiting candidates, this is one great way of marketing and sales of your services.
  • Key is the content delivery. Basically, you can play with your content. Social media gives you the privilege to broadcast your open roles through various medium, this can be in the form of images, video.
  • Approachability: Sending a potential applicant a direct message on Facebook.
  • Employer and employee involvement: isn’t it true that it is all about involvement.
  • Great help on ongoing positions.

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