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That sounds difficult? but it really isn’t.

” All things are difficult before they are easy ”

Using X-ray search you will be able to:

✔Search and locate relevant candidates with email.
✔From where – Using internet and search engine like google.
✔What are the sources – Online databases which are basically free resources, these can be phone directories, free job boards, social media sites such as LinkedIn or Facebook or any website on the web.

How? The only way to really understand how X-ray works is by giving proper amount of effort and by trying. Using different combination of search strings will give you to the most ideal candidate in the end, as long as you willing to learn and take the time to try.

Boolean allows you to combine words and phrases using the words AND, OR, NOT (known as Boolean operators).It is basically the combination of different keywords and strings that gives you a perfect result.

“ ” Double quotes – Whatever is inside the double quotes, it will be considered as a single word/Entity.

X-raying should start with command –   site:


JD as example:

Java developer needed ,in Atlanta ,GA with aws and hibernate.

“java developer” azure Atlanta, GA “united states” contact email “gmail” site:linkedin.com


site: linkedin.com “java developer” azure Atlanta “united states” contact email “gmail”

Keep trying and use different keywords until this gives you desired results.

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