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For an IT recruiter, GitHub and Stack Overflow are amazing sources for hiring. If you feel exhausted with the traditional ways of hiring, this post may help you out in finding other ways to recruit the best talent.

“If not all the developers are looking for job, most of the developers and are interested in hearing about new job opportunities.” isn’t it what candidate pool creation is all about.

Both the platforms have over 10 million registered users.

And you can search candidates for free! Process is simple create a free account by signing up and get started. Explore them and learn how they work. Get involved! 


-As we all know it is a site where developers store their code and share it with others for further development or simply usage.

Stack Overflow is a Q&A site.

-It is a place where developers post their programming-related questions and coding problems.

These tips may be helpful.

-Using advanced search offers a wide range of filters. You can filter developers based on location, programming language, etc.

Google X-Ray search can be one of the ways of finding candidates on Stack Overflow based on skills and location. 

JD for example: We need to find Java developers in Atlanta, GA

Your X-Ray Search would be

site:stackoverflow.com/users  “java developer” Atlanta

Keep trying and use different methods for the searching the candidates until this gives you desired results.


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