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With the recruiting sector continuing to grow, if you are considering recruitment career – here’s how to ensure you get off to the best possible start.

Act fast and work fast

Work hard, especially in the beginning. Time is of great essence in recruitments. Remember You’re operating in an extremely competitive market. Your competition can also find the same profiles on the same role you are working. ” Sit back and relax ,will get it done attitude,” we have all the time left in the universe attitude” will take you no nowhere. Your attitude towards your work determines how well you do it. Work with all the Enthusiasm, commitment, hard work and determination.

Value quality over quantity

Do not send candidates to the client just for the sake of making points. Irrelevancy will not materialize in the long run rather you will end up jeopardizing your relationship with the client and the candidate. Ours is a hard-nosed, demanding industry. It is logistically always better to work fewer candidates. Focusing on the quality of candidates instead of volume can be a very effective strategy. Isn’t it true that there’s less overhead involved in hiring two outstanding employees who are a perfect match than five good employees who aren’t.Fewer candidates means less calls, less interviews, lesser background checks & less onboarding.

Deal with rejection from clients in a positive way and handle No’s in Calls.

Not all the candidates will say yes to your job and not every time you will hear yes from clients.
Remember Its not the end of the world .Expect the word “no.” more often Anticipate it and learn ,introspect and move forward.
Be human – This should go without saying, but remember your candidates are busy people with career aspirations. You will hear lot of no’s from candidates and clients. It is a natural and common part of recruiting business. Train yourself not to be surprised when a candidate says “no.” You need to remain polite and professional. Learn and practice to handle rejections in a better way and remain courteous.

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