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If you had to name one thing as your biggest headache and challenge in recruitments, what would it be? Is is the overwhelming work, is it the time sensitive work environment, deadlines? or should we just blame the difficulties in finding and hiring candidates or are we making recruitment just too difficult sometimes by simply Procrastinating.

Fact is we know it all, if you dig little further and introspect you will see that mindsets play a significant role in determining work related outcomes but still, we unnecessarily postpone decisions or actions. Isn’t it true that most often we leave tasks until the last minute, either because you keep finding more/less urgent things to do or simply cannot buckle down and focus? If you know this, you are probably painfully aware of how much procrastinating is holding you back in life and career.

Procrastination is your brain’s way of saying that there’s something wrong here, not just with this task but with your entire routine. However, instead of seeing it as a sign that you need to make some changes, most people respond again by unnecessarily postponing decisions or actions.

But rather than beating yourself up about it and letting it continue to hold you back even further, try and make it work.

-Brainstorm a quick to-do list
-Take out time for non-negotiables , write it down on a piece of paper
-Break down tasks into simple and manageable modules.
-Write down the time frame for that activity on the right side of the paper
-Remove distractions from your work environment.

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